Episode 5: Sting Operations: The Hitman & The Rolex Bandits

If you’re going to commit a crime, always look over your shoulder. You never know who’s watching.                            Sting operations are a great way for Detectives to gather evidence on identified criminals and record their criminal activity, then catch them in the act. But one mistake can ruin the operation.

Questionable Convictions: The Amanda Lewis Murder Conviction

In 2007 Amanda Lewis was convicted of Murder. Jurors decided that Lewis drowned her 7 year old daughter, Adrianna, in the family’s above ground because Adrianna had misbehaved. Amanda Lewis said it was an accidental drowning. Was this a questionable conviction? We review the case.

Episode 4: Undercover Operations – The Child Predator

A Pedophile was selling a young girl for sex. In the most difficult role of my career, I had to go undercover to catch him before he could.

Episode 3: The Psychopath – My First Shooting

A young, hardworking 18 year old had a bright future. While working at a South Beach movie theater he received a message from an admirer.
Two days later his father walked into the Miami Beach Police Department to file a missing person’s report. His son had not been home and couldn’t be reached. Hours later, the body of his son was found on the side of an abandoned South Beach building.

The murder subject proved to be quite the escape artist, until his final act got him killed…

Episode 2: The Prosecutor and The Gangster

A prisoner’s offer to turn in dirty cops was supposed to reduce corruption. Instead, it led to murder. A disoriented, beaten man staggered to a parked Police car. With duct tape still attached to his arms, the victim told cops he feared for his life and sought protection from his attackers. Detectives were called to investigate.




Episode 1: The Versace Murder – The Untold Story

Gianni Versace’s murder was the biggest case in Miami Beach history. I was off when I got the call to come in and help with the investigation and manhunt. On my way in, I couldn’t help but think this had to be a Mafia hit. Nobody got shot on Ocean Drive on a Tuesday morning, we barely had any crime there. Soon I found out it wasn’t a Mafia hit and when I was told who his killer was, I couldn’t help but think this murder could have been prevented.